Fire Alarm Systems

The Profire Group can offer design, assembly, programming, testing and inspection of a full range of custom built, fully integrated Fire Detection, Fire & Gas, PA/VA and Data Networking Systems (DNS) panels.

Our ability to meet the customer's exact requirements and carry out the manufacturing and testing locally, has enabled us to secure major projects with the latest technologies available.

Our range of services includes:

Industrial & Commercial Standard FACP, PAVA, DNS, ACS and CCTV panel assembly.
- Simulated Loop testing and configuration prior to Installation.
- Execution of Factory Acceptance Test on a panel by panel basis or as a complete system, with witnessing by client/customer representative - based on project requirements.

Fire Alarm Service & Maintenance

Your fire alarm system has been installed to protect you and your building. Everyone depends on this system functioning properly in the event of a fire, acting as an early warning system and enabling safe and timely evacuation.

You have a legal obligation to ensure that this detection system is in good working order and adheres to current regulatory standards. We will make servicing your fire alarm panel an effortless legal obligation for you.

Our trained engineers will carry out your servicing in accordance with local regulations and offer you a cost effective way to ensure your sounders will activate if needed, giving you peace of mind.

Intelligent Addressable Panels

Intelligent Addressable Sensors

Intelligent Addressable Pull Stations

Intelligent Addressable Modules